Home Buying Guide Information for NY, NJ, PA, CT and FL Mortgages

Tips and home loan information you can use from our New York Mortgage Company 

At Jersey Mortgage Company we believe that trust is earned. For the last seven decades we have remained steadfast in our commitment to fair lending practices— and to our customers. We believe in going “above and beyond” on a daily basis. It’s what sets us apart from the pack and allows us to get the most difficult deals done.

We are a direct lender, not a broker, which means we close with our own money and in our own name. It also means we have home loan programs available that others don’t; in addition to in-house underwriting to speed and simplify the entire process. To us, each customer is a partner, and this means giving you all the information you need to be completely informed so you know exactly what’s involved every step of the way.

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