New Jersey Mortgage Company Services

Mortgage Refinancing Services in NJ 

Your first payment letter can be found in the closing documents you received. This letter contains instructions to make payments to Jersey Mortgage Company until your loan transferring process is completed.  While we transfer the servicing on your loan to another company, payments can be made to Jersey Mortgage Company

This transfer is typically complete in time for the first payment, however in some cases it may take some additional time. Your first Jersey Mortgage Company payment letter will include the due date, the amount of your payment due, your loan number with us and our address. Once the transfer process is completed you will receive a statement from your new servicing company. This statement will show you when you are to start making your payments to this new service. Jersey Mortgage will also send you a reminder letter, if indeed your first payment should be sent to us. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have.

Cheryl Torres